No matter how invaluable we see ourselves, they’ll always be someone who doesn’t want us, because you’re not they’re type, they will always be someone to reject you. That’s how cruel the world works, especially when it’s someone we like. As my friend always says “heartbreak go reach everybody”. Some of us are lucky though,… Continue reading STORY TIME: RELATIONSHIP REGRETS



Who knew being an adult was far less desirable than what we had envisioned as kids. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more frustrated in my life. The constant pressure to measure up to everyone else, be successful in something or at least show that your life is on track. I mean compared to our… Continue reading Adulthood


The Fight of Past and Present

Image by Pixabay on Pexels Many times when I coach clients, people say they feel they could have done better yesterday. They say they should have put in more of an effort or shown more patience in some past event. This concern is so prevalent in today’s world it affects everyone in one way or… Continue reading The Fight of Past and Present


I Know Fools

I Know Fools who don't believe in love. They say love doesn't exist. But lust is alive and well. They believe love doesn't come to those who wait but those who flirt. They don't believe in love at first sight but lust at first sight. Even if you don't believe in God, you have to believe in love. If you don't believe in love, you are the greatest fool. For out of love were you born. You say you don't love because you don't believe it exists


Is Reality Real?

Image by Bradley Hook on Pexels Have you ever thought about what reality is? No, I’m not talking about simulations or brains in vats. I’m talking about how we all see things so differently. I mean, if everyone saw reality the same, then we would all respond in similar ways, right? But we don’t. People… Continue reading Is Reality Real?



Photo by Download a pic Donate a buck! ^ on I know, I know, it seems absurd. Who in their right mind likes failure? Well, I’d like you to think about it, sometimes failure is good, and although some people succeed on the first try, “some people” isn’t everybody. And you’re probably wondering why… Continue reading NECESSARY FAILURES

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A Gift For The New Year

Hello my dear readers, I can't believe it's 365 days already. This year has been amazing and I am happy to see the last day of it. Special Things That Happened To Me This Year. I graduated from high school with a great result.I became a publisher for AppleI upgraded my WordPress planI became closer… Continue reading A Gift For The New Year

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Interview With Susi Bocks- Editor Of The Short Of It

Dear readers, I am happy to announce that I have once more interviewed an interesting personality. She is an author, poet, blogger and editor. I love her blog so much and I would be leaving a link to it so you can visit and read her amazing posts. Here's how my interview with her went.… Continue reading Interview With Susi Bocks- Editor Of The Short Of It

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New Year Resolutions

To participate in our new year gifts and giveaway. Click here. My First New Year Resolution is to stop procrastinating so much. I'll post the rest tomorrow or the day after. What exactly are new year resolutions? Because the way I see it, you all are just making a to do list for the first… Continue reading New Year Resolutions

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Life is a paradox. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.Nancy C. What’s a paradox? I am a paradox. I’m a real paradox. Because I am a very serious person and I take my work seriously. But I wrap it all up in a court jester and a clown and make people… Continue reading Paradox


How To Deal With Failure

The first step in dealing with failure is to accept that failure is natural. We all have bad days and weeks. Days that nothing seems to go right and our brain has nothing left in it. Failure hurts, at least for the first time. Failure is absolutely normal and acceptable. Its ok to fail sometimes. Most days, I feel like my life is a test I didn't study for. And it's like I'm being huddled into getting an F with a deserving ass whooping.


The Cycle Of Dead Writers (Bloggers)

The suffocating pain was travelling up to his chest. Today was a lot more harder than yesterday. He didn't even possess the strength to fight it. It's been weeks without a fire. Without a spark to keep him going. Sometimes, it was the fear. The fear to suddenly become invisible that prompted him to write.… Continue reading The Cycle Of Dead Writers (Bloggers)


Renewed Plans

Hello My Dear Readers, You may have noticed my unusual absence and discontinuation of my blog posts. Thanks to those who wrote to me. I really appreciate your earnest care and love. The unusual break was due to my academic pursuit. Thank Goodness graduation has finally taken place. What I missed. I missed writing and… Continue reading Renewed Plans

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A Birthday

Dedicated To Ayo. Happy Birthday From the core and heart of WordPress Streams creativity and passion From the heart and depth of her mind Trickles ideas and imaginations From the genuine thoughts of a writer Surges great wisdom As you celebrate a year + to your life Prosperity and happiness to your life Joy and… Continue reading A Birthday


How To Collaborate With Bloggers.

If it wasn’t for collaborating with other bloggers, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today as a blogger and even, as a person. From hosting giveaways, to guest posts, to being an admin at Elevation, I wouldn’t have expanded my horizons like this if it wasn’t for connecting and collaborating with other bloggers.

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Happy Anniversary To Anna’s Styles: My One Year With WordPress.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I read a book that motivated me to become a blogger, came back from school and wrote my first blog post. I had so many ideas swirling around in my head–I couldn’t wait to start blogging! Right now, I'm in 12th grade and it’s the first anniversary of my… Continue reading Happy Anniversary To Anna’s Styles: My One Year With WordPress.


Unfriendly Past.

I submitted a short story on REEDSEY as usual for this weeks prompt and I don't really know how good it is. I'm posting it here so you all could help me rate it. Be frank, spot the mistakes, typo's and wrong punctuations. Thank you if you do so.........


Get Rid Of Self-Doubt – How To Stop Doubting Yourself

Self-doubt is yet another destructive inner voice that only you have the ability to kill. So every time you feel that you aren’t made for good things in life, don’t forget to remind yourself of your ability to find your way to those good things. End that self-doubt once and for all!

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365 Days With You! How Was My 2020?

Wow. Its the end of another beautiful year and to be honest, 2020 was really a year of mixed feelings. This year wasn't my best year neither the worst too but I really acknowledge and glorify God for his mercy on my life. All About My 2020 So, I decided to piece together some awesome… Continue reading 365 Days With You! How Was My 2020?

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500 Faithful Friends❤

Genuinely grateful for all my followers for care and support. Please make me happier by liking all my blog posts. I promise to keep posting and filling you up with exciting contents on my blog. Keep loving and commenting! Please help me to grow and enable me to become a better blogger in the future. Thank you all❤


5 Little Ways To Make Your Day-To-Day Life Happier

  Getting a balance between everything that happens in your life can be extremely hard. Stress mounts easily when things don’t go to plan, and happiness can leak away when targeted by a single source. It’s hard, then, to make happiness a discipline rather than a consequence. But this can be done, and giving yourself… Continue reading 5 Little Ways To Make Your Day-To-Day Life Happier


The interface between ethnicity and violence in Nigeria

Ethnicity, a substantial symbol of the uniqueness of our nation, sadly enough has become the harbinger of violence and hatred in our society. Should this remain the status quo in our society? Sadly, the concept of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” has become an acceptable belief in recent times, and it… Continue reading The interface between ethnicity and violence in Nigeria


Why You Should Host a WordPress Blog on Your Own Domain

By Annabel Anita Adanna Subscribe To My YouTube Channel Follow My Blog Post Via Bloggers You may already be using free blogging platforms to achieve some or all of your online goals, and that’s great. After all, having an online presence is better than having nothing at all. In the short and medium-term, “outsourcing” the hosting of… Continue reading Why You Should Host a WordPress Blog on Your Own Domain


20 Ways To Get Traffic and Promote Your Blog

By Annabel Anita Adanna Getting more people to read your blog is both an art and science. Employ these 20 tips on how to get your blog noticed. Every business owner who's ever hosted a blog has experienced the frustration of trying to gain readership. Though I'd all like it if readers just magically came… Continue reading 20 Ways To Get Traffic and Promote Your Blog


You Might Be The Reason For Our Apocalyse.

By Annabel Anita Adanna Subscribe To My YouTube Channel Follow My Blog Posts On Bloggers I'm not really a great fan of movies as I really prefer burying my nose in a book rather than staring at a screen for hours because I believe that "more knowledge,more power". But this movie really got me hooked… Continue reading You Might Be The Reason For Our Apocalyse.

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Anna’s 100th Blog Post

Anna's Styles I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who has been of great support to me. Blogging isn't a minor job, its practically a career to me and I love what I do. The ideas,likes and comments has really been motivational to me. Follow me for more exciting posts as I promise to build… Continue reading Anna’s 100th Blog Post


8 Things Women Hate About Their Bodies But Men Really Love It

Are you the type of lady who wonders often some of the things that men love about their women’s bodies? If that’s you, then stay and read to the end. Women are extremely conscious of their own bodies, however, there is a certain part of their bodies that men really love and here are some… Continue reading 8 Things Women Hate About Their Bodies But Men Really Love It


Groundnut Soup (Omisagwe) Recipe

Groundnut soup, also known as peanut soup, has peanuts as its primary ingredient. Although it is a favourite of the Esans and Esakos, Ghanaians also consume this delicacy and have its name as Nkatenkwan in Akan language. There is a reason why this is a special delicacy with peoples of a place. Ingredients 1 cup,… Continue reading Groundnut Soup (Omisagwe) Recipe


8 Animals That Can Make You A Millionaire If You Can Find Them

It will be awesome when you unexpectedly finding something that would make you a millionaire in just a second. We are not talking about a treasure or a second case with a million dollars inside Loops about something rather unusual and animal. 1. This is not Photoshop, the black cockatoo who is a real and… Continue reading 8 Animals That Can Make You A Millionaire If You Can Find Them


A Sad Day For Anna. Why?

Losing A friend isn't such an easy feeling to endure. I didn't loose her but I might not ever see her again or hold her close to me again. Leaving to an entirely different region in Nigeria, I don't know to compress my emotions because I am really sad and getting depressed. I hope she… Continue reading A Sad Day For Anna. Why?


What Can You Say About Your Country?

Nigeria is my favourite country. I love Nigeria. It is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is an old country. We have many famous people, poets and scientists, writers, artists. There are many beautiful natures in Nigeria. Annabel Anita My favorite country is Mexico !! I love it because I was born… Continue reading What Can You Say About Your Country?


Peace In Our Time

Peace is a concept of societal friendship and harmony in the absence of hostility and violence. In a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict (such as war) and freedom from fear of violence between individuals or groups. The Big Question Is: Can We Have Peace In Our Time? Yes! With Love ,… Continue reading Peace In Our Time