Polygyny And Polyandry. Inequality?

To begin with, I’d like to know what you think about polygyny. Do you believe in the idea of a union between a man and numerous wives?

It may sound cool and all that but I believe they are certain people who are uncomfortable and irritated with the practice. If you’re one, please do tell me why you think so.

And then there’s polyandry. Similar to polygyny but in this case, the union is usually between a woman and numerous men or husbands.

Its usually accepted in some cultures. Few cultures. Why?

They believe polygyny is more acceptable and reasonable in the eyes of men. Why?

If you like the idea of polyandry, you can leave a comment as well.

Now, to delve into the post fully.

What Is Polygamy?

Polygamy is defined as marriage between one person and two or more spouses simultaneously. It exists in two main forms: polygyny, where one man is married to several women, and polyandry, where one woman is married to several men.

When Did Polygamy Start In History?

After the murder of Joseph Smith in 1845, Mormons migrated to Utah territory in 1847, and there, under the leadership of Brigham Young – who succeeded Joseph Smith – brought the practice of polygamy out of the shadows. LDS leaders announced plural marriage as an official Mormon Church practice in 1852.

Is Polyandry Legal Everywhere?

The legal status of polygamy varies widely around the world. Polygyny is legal in 58 out of nearly 200 sovereign states, the vast majority of them being Muslim-majority countries in Africa and Asia. Polyandry is illegal in virtually every country and strictly prohibited in Islam.

The key difference between polygyny and polyandry is that polygyny is the marriage of a man with several women whereas polyandry is the marriage of a woman with several men. … While polygyny involves multiple wives, polyandry involves multiple husbands.

Polyandry And Inequality

The final issue with polygamy is the gender imbalance. Polyandry remains illegal almost everywhere polygyny is practiced except for the Tibetans in Nepal, parts of China and Northern India, where fraternal polyandry is practiced, in which two or more brothers are married to the same wife, with the wife having equal “sexual access” to them. But polygyny is wildly accepted.

Quick Question: Why is polygyny accepted and polyandry illegal?

Does it have to relate to the fact that men are allowed to freely marry any number of women and women aren’t?

Is Gender equality an issue here?

My last post titled Am I A Feminist? dealt with some critical issues on equality. I believe this is even a better issue to look into.

My point on this.

I am monogamous from time to time but I support the idea of polygyny and polyandry.

Loving everybody equally is polygamy and I believe it’s a healthy relationship protecting the interest of women and children all around the world.

Polygyny is an endeavor to get more out of life. Why can’t polyandry be regarded and seen the same way?

If polyandry is illegal, polygyny should be illegal too. If polygyny is legal, polyandry should be legal too. That’s a good step to gender equality.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, we are too busy enjoying ‘labels’ than fighting for what we actually need.

There’s no need for feminism if we can’t bring some disturbing truth to limelight.

Shame on the society for treating women this way.

And shame of us for accepting this practice. What is good for the goose is so good for the gander.

Do I like Polygamy? Yes. Do I Support Polyandry? Yes. Do I support Equality?

Definitely Yes.

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27 thoughts on “Polygyny And Polyandry. Inequality?”

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  2. It’s impossible to give 100% of yourself to multiple partners, so I’m not a fan of ether polygyny or polyandry. However, polygyny usually doesn’t happen in countries with low wealth inequality, whereas polyandry preserves the wealth of families in areas with limited resources like the Himalayas and the Siberian plains regions. Polyandry and polygyny both seem to ask too much of the women involved, but that might be the same with all marriages, even in monogamous societies. 😂 However, women have only one man to blame if they’re unhappy in monogamy. In polygyny, multiple people could be responsible for multiple women’s unhappiness. and with polyandry, men would share the burden of keeping a woman happy. Polygyny really sucks, and polyandry sucks significantly less.

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  3. Remarkable post, dear Anna! The last part which summed it up- do I support equality? Yes! That was a powerful finishing note!
    In Indian epics and mythologies, (like the Mahabharata), Polyandry and polygamy were so commonly noted. It was accepted in Ancient India. Fraternal polyandry as you said was especially common. The Pandavas (5 siblings who were important characters in the epic Mahabharat) were notably married to a beautiful woman named Draupadi. I don’t know if it’s necessary for it to carry on in the modern world though. Having just one spouse is high maintenance and no one has time 😅😂 But it’s still better than being married and cheating on your spouse 🙂 I loved reading your thoughts about this.

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    1. The modern could use a break from all this practices just like you stated👏👏
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. It was worth reading your comment💓🤗


  4. In my culture polygyny is allowed while polyandry remains a taboo and this makes polygamy a thing that is strictly for male gender. A female can date more than one man though but can’t marry more than one husband.
    Personally, I don’t support any of these because most of the time, there is lots of drama between the wives especially, who compete to attract the attention of one man. Quarrels, fights, killings are the order of the day in some cases. There is no peace in its totality. There are lots of complications in short. Family issues, property disputes come up especially when the man passes away. Although a wealthy man is able to separate the wives by building separate houses for each one of them, you find good report between these wives impossible. The man doesn’t love all his wives and children equally. They have to compete eternally for spot in his heart. He either loves the newest or the first wife more. I hate the effect on the children too. The children find it hard to bond with their father with many children and limited space around him. There is nothing good about polygamy. I see it as selfish because no woman or man wants to share same spot with anyone in lifelong or long-term commitment. Feelings are hurt and so on.
    I am of the opinion that polyandry remains illegal in the world. I don’t see any use for a woman to have many men when there are fewer men in the world. It’s the most selfish form of polygamy, strictly my opinion.
    I stand for monogamy, any time any day. One man, one woman at a time.

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    1. I like and respect your stand. You believe in peace and that’s what matters✊👏👏
      But if polyandry should remain illegal, polygamy should too.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me🙏👏

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  5. Polygyny is very popular here in a Africa, with men having up to four wives or more. But if you see a woman who has multiple husbands, she’s looked upon as some kind of harlot.
    Equality is the point, has always been the point were trying to make as feminists. Both should be treated equally.
    To those who practice polygamy, you’ve earned my salute. Having one husband comes with its stress, then two? Uh nope.😅😅
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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  6. I believe that men and women should be equal in life and relationships, but sadly this is not the case, i couldn’t live with more than one wife but we should have the freedom to do that if we choose.
    I myself have been married two times before and now that I’m single and loving it i couldn’t see myself the two or more women lol as for a woman having more than one husband, well why not, as long as theres no competition or anger in their relationships then why not go for it.
    Loving your blog posts by the way, thought provoking.

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    1. Polygamy promotes unity as much as it promotes unrest and unhappiness. It all depends on how efficient you can manage the system and of course, love.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me 👏💓

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