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The Zaniness Of Lil Nas X

I believe we have talked about this guy before. And each time we do, it’s about one hilarious thing he is about to do or has already done.

It’s not news to everyone that he is g*y. That being said, if you weren’t aware of that little big detail, I hope you are, now. It’s like an essential fact you need to know before we dive into this post properly.

So, Who Is Lil Nas?

In my last post about Lil nas which was basically an expression of disgust on his released single”Montero.” That’s in the past now. And I really wish I didn’t react then and had saved up all of my energy and vex for what he just did.

Lil nas was born on the 9th April, 1999. His star sign is Aries. Allow me to sincerely feel sorry for April borns. So, according to my calculations, he should be 22 years. He is an American and was born in Atlanta. And if google is correct, his real name is Montero Lamar Hill. Now, I understand the meaning of that song. *ignorant me.*

Yeah. Lil nas has a boyfriend. I mean, that’s what being gay is all about. He started dating this “mystery guy” in August 2021. Still wonder why Cinderella hasn’t shared her boyfriend’s name.

His net worth? Just 2 million. So much for a comedian and an attention seeking musician.

He released his satan shoes in collaboration with street band wearer. It contained real human blood and had the Bible verse Luke 10:18( about satan’s fall from heaven) printed on them. Only 666 pairs were made(reminds me of a Bible quotation. Blood of Jesus protect me ) and were sold out in one minute. Thank Jesus for Nike for filing a trade mark infringement lawsuit against those shoes. God knows what he would have done next. Make a pair of wings?

He won two grammy awards in 2020. Not saying anything about this. He also released his own video game in April 2021 called twerk hero. And who in the world names a video game that? Lil nas. You need to check that game out. I can’t laugh alone on this one.

He was raised by his mum and grandmother after his parents divorced. And later lived with his dad who was a gospel artist. Gospel? Wow.

The rapper started playing the trumpet when he was in fourth grade. He was in the first chair by the time he was in junior high, but he stopped playing because he was afraid of looking uncool among his peers.

Nas X is known for his unique sense of style and fashion. His signature look is that of a glamorous cowboy. To me, he looks pretty better as a horse.

You know what? I am done with the introduction. You wanna read more? Visit google.

What Has He Done This Time?

I am not a lil nas fan and I guess you must have figured that out. So this post may be discriminatory and improper for his fans.

To begin with, what’s are the differences between a guy and a girl?

I’ll give you one big one. A girl has a womb and can get pregnant. A guy doesn’t have a womb and cannot get pregnant.

Five stars for the guy who defiled the law of nature. And he is happily pregnant with whatever is in that tummy.

What Do I Think About His Pregnancy?

It’s disgusting, disturbing, frightening, sickening, repulsing, offending and generally, irritating.

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Boosie BadAzz shares the same thoughts as mine. He says ” Nas x wtf. U just can’t stop😡. I think he is going to turn around and suck one of his back ground dancers d**k on national tv.”

Lil nas has literally taken the one thing that separates men from women and people are praising him on social media? I find this unbelievable.

A man who openly takes the form of a woman? That’s basically unacceptable and bizarre.

And if anyone isn’t bothered, how did that baby get in there? Does he even have a womb? How would that baby survive in there? Is it real? How would the baby be born?

What’s more hilarious is the shape of the tummy. It’s not fixed well.

There are six Bible quotations against homosexuality and as a Christian, I am strongly homophobic.

Leviticus 18:22 and Leviticus 20:13

1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:10

Romans 1:26-27

Genesis 19: The story of Sodom and Gomorrah

I believe that he is possessed and this has been a long belief right from my last post about him. 666 pairs of shoes with human blood? His video of montero? Getting pregnant?

What is happening to my generation? Everything just seems to be abstract and abnormal. Nobody wants to do the right thing and people like Lil nas are worshipped every day.

They say the big guy made us in his own image. But some of us are really living like we weren’t. It’s shocking how the world is shaking because of his single announcement. And when a priest is announced or the Christian society makes an announcement, I don’t even get to see it on Instagram. What is really wrong with my generation?

Some say Lil nas is a comedian and exhibits all his outrageous characteristics for his fans. Some say he is an ambitious celebrity. Some say he is advocating for acceptance of the Lgbtq+ community. I say he is unusually creepy, disgusting and eccentric.

And when I started to draft this post, I knew in one way or the other that I would be affected by it. Some of you may disagree with me, some of you may completely agree with me and some may support me on this topic.

I’d like to see what Candee has to say on this issue. And you too, leave me a comment on my blog and Instagram. I welcome disapprovals and objections.

And for what I can say in conclusion, Lil nas needs to give us a huge break from his drama. God bless the world.

35 thoughts on “The Zaniness Of Lil Nas X”

  1. Due to various reasons, this is a very brave post and I appreciate that you are able to strongly voice your opinion, leaving gates open for objections and different opinions. I do not disagree that he’s quirky and eccentric, however I do disagree strongly with the belief that anything that’s “unnatural” is “unacceptable.” I do not understand how he got that baby there either, my belief is that it involved surgical intervention. For the record, many heterosexual couples who aren’t fertile or are too old to carry babies conceive via in vitro and surrogacy too, but that somehow is not considered as “against nature.” Women freeze their egg cells, use it for when they’re ready later on, but that’s not considered “against nature” either. If we were fair and just, anything we do against God’s plan for us should be considered unnatural, no matter WHO we are. Just because it’s a homosexual man “defeating nature”, it attracts hatred. Double standards are everywhere. Many religions strongly advocate against homosexuality. I’m a Hindu and Hinduism suggests no such thing, so I’m far from homophobic. However, this particular guy makes me cringe and I find the images somehow disturbing too. Despite how unnatural it is, if that’s his choice, I wouldn’t blame him because whatever said and done, carrying a baby is not easy for anyone. I find the images disgusting too, but in some people’s perspectives, it would not be.
    Sorry for the long comment, Anna. I respect your opinion and your reasoning for the same, backed up by religious sentiments. However, I do not share the same view. 😊
    PS: He is doubtlessly attention-seeking and bizarre.
    Bravo for voicing your opinions bravely! 👏 I wish more people were like you, brutally honest and not sugar coating anything.

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    1. I love your comment and I appreciate the courage behind leaving such a post.

      Unnatural? There are different ways people can define that. In my opinion, surrogacy isn’t unnatural. It involves another “woman” conceiving the child of another. Again, “woman.”
      When humans were created, God assigned specific duties to the male and female.
      And trust me Sam, birthing a child was never part of the duties of a man.

      Now, if not for flimsy things like technology, such ideas wouldn’t be in existence. It’s as much as making a woman’s reproductive cells that of a man. You know, sperms and all that.

      I’d like to ask. With this new development, what makes a woman different from a man?

      To be honest, I think the problem we actually face lately is as a result of trying out new ideas spurned by crazy scientists…

      As a Christian, they are certain things regarded as unacceptable and this is one of them.

      I like to be sincere with so many things concerning life and when I see black, I like to call it black. What lil nas has done is uncalled for and totally unacceptable according to my religion.

      I am still sincerely grateful for leaving such a wonderful comment 0n my blog. And I hope to read your blog post soon.

      Happy Sunday

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  2. Yes, Lil Nas is this and that but as Christians, the bible says in Matthew 7 vs 1 Judge not lest ye be judged. This post is overflowing with judgement. If I was an unbeliever and I read this post, it wouldn’t make be want to be a Christian if this is what Christianity is all about. All the hate and insults are not Christ like. I’m not saying you should not share when you see someone doing something wrong, but there should be a better way to go about this 💙💙

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    1. The Bible says do not judge and I know that👏
      The post doesn’t seem to judge him in any way.
      Understanding the concept of this post would be completely impossible because you seem to read it with a lot of personal feelings.

      And yeah, its my point of view.
      Glad you could leave yours


  3. Idk about the pregnancy part but there has been conceiving done before by transgender men, coming to your definition of gay it is a bit ignorant but as you rightly mentioned you’re homophobic. I’m not a fan and did not know all this until now. I like the writing as it is strong (wants to make you read) and opinionated (which wants to make you get into a banter/ debate) I’m just here acknowledging your difference of opinion and wanting to learn more not to declare right and wrong. @anna

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  4. Who Are We To Judge…

    Forgiving The Ignorance Of Those Who
    Crucified Him The Thief Beside Him Too

    The Easy Part Of Love

    Why Have You Forsaken me X 3
    JeSuS Went to Hell to Forgive
    God For Dark It Took me 66 Months

    It’s What Ya Do in Hell

    Every Inhale oF Fear Exhale
    of Hate Is An Old Testament
    An Old UNiVeRSE Dying Now

    Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love
    Is A New Testament A New UNiVeRSE

    Birthing Now

    Come What May
    God Is What Is

    SMiLes Dear Annabel Returning
    to Matthew And The Beatitudes
    There is Love Your Enemy Turn
    The Cheek And What You Do to
    The “Least of Them” You Do to “Him”…

    That Part of the Good Cop JeSuS Story
    Doesn’t Lend Any Room For Anything Yet
    Inhaling Peace And Exhaling Love That’s All…

    Yet of Course The Entire Bible Has Many Ghost Authors
    Many Scribes Making Usual Copy Mistakes and Intentional
    Changes too And Depending on How Someone May Interpret

    The Verses you Will Find Psalms That ‘Dictate’ We Are ALL SONS
    AND DAUGHTERS OF GOD And Other Psalms That ‘Dictate’ the
    Joy When the Child of the Opposing Tribe’s Head is Crushed With

    A Stone And Yes Blaming Women For Rape Based on Their Appearance
    And Genocide And All Kinds of Horrible Violence And Ridiculous Ways to
    Get Stoned Like Not Attending Church on the Sabbath And Working that

    Day to A Woman
    Getting Stoned
    If She Doesn’t
    Cry Rape Loud
    Enough And Freezes
    Like Humans Naturally
    Do When Faced With
    Certain Death At A Hand
    More Powerful to Strangle them…

    Yes The Bible Tells a Story of Just How Horrible
    The Reality of Humankind Will Create Including
    Verses used to Justify Slavery And Shut Women
    Up to Vote Except for the Last Few Centuries when
    Finally Church Really Was Separated From State And

    (Although Still Not Allowed to Be Priests
    or Speak About Spirit in Some Sects Now)

    More Folks Got Civil Rights to Finally Gain Some Sense
    And Feel of Fulfillment in Equality of Happiness in Life as
    Valuable Human Beings i Have Many Muslim and Christian
    FRiEnDS Who Express the Same Homophobic Sentiment
    As You Do Now From Nigeria That is An Entire Country
    That By Law Expresses The Same Homophobic
    Sentiment too… The United States is No

    Longer Ignorant That Way in Many
    Areas And Groups Within the Country

    However Black Homosexuals
    Particularly in Church Life Receive
    Little Acceptance for Who They are
    Born And Come to Be In Life So The
    Suffering at the Hand of Ignorance Making it
    Hard to Be Who They are In Life So This Artist

    Expresses the Pain of that through His Art TO WAKE

    isn’t Pregnant in the Photo It’s Just Prosthetics And ‘Click Bait’ to
    Sell The Title in Satire of What His Album Is Called As ‘Child of
    The Industry’ As a Metaphor for Birthing the Album and A Play

    On Words
    Amusingly You
    And He Have A Lot in Common

    You Are Both Expressing Opinions
    in Areas Where They Are Gonna Get
    A Lot of Blowback of Disgust for those
    Who See Both Your Beliefs and His Way
    of Behavior as Disgusting too of Course Word
    Press isn’t Nigeria Word Press is Comprised of
    Many Open Minded And Souled Folks From Around

    The World

    And This is the
    Place Were Homophobia
    Is Considered By Most As the


    It’s Still Not Like that in The Church
    i Attend that is Very Adverse to this
    Part of Human Nature Yet Not Unlike

    Jesus on the Cross i Don’t Hold Ignorance
    Against Folks Raised That Way and Do my
    Best to Educate Understanding How Hard

    Folks Raised A Certain Way Find Seeing the
    World in a Different Way Particularly in Areas
    of the World Where You May Have Never Even
    Met A Homosexual Person Brave Enough to Risk
    Their Life to Be Who They Are as Over here in the

    Catholic Church Through Their own Studies Up to
    58 Percent of Priests Have Homosexual Orientations

    And The Priest World was one Place they Could Be
    Accepted in Life and Even Get Position of course as
    Long as they could continue to Hide who they are…





    For What Nature is
    It’s Just the way it is
    And It’s the Way God is too…

    Some Human Beings are Born
    With Sexual Organs of Both Sexes
    So Who Is Gonna Be the One to Check
    The Pink or Blue Box Guess What God
    Is Always Changing and Evolving too

    Variety Means Survival of All that comes

    There Are No ‘Black
    OR Whites’ in Life

    Only Human



    Of Reasons this
    Way i’ll Leave you
    A Very Thoughtful
    Ted Talk to Give You A Different
    View and if you Don’t Believe that
    Homosexuals Don’t Help Father Babies

    Perhaps You Haven’t Thought About How Many
    Romantic Nights of Child Making So Many Elton John
    Songs Have Made Through Decades of Human Romances

    True He Surely Has Helped Father More Children now than
    Jesus At Least according to the Way the Story is Physically told…

    That’s Probably

    the Strangest Part

    of the Bible An Emasculated
    Man Called God Now That is Unusual…

    Other Than That i Have Homosexual
    Relatives And They Surely Wear Good
    Cop Jesus Wings compared to the Fear
    And Hate You Express in this Blog Post…

    As Remember As You Treat the Least
    You Treat Jesus According to the Story

    And As Far As Folks Born in April Some
    How Being Less As that is the Month Lil
    Nas X is Born That’s When my Wife is Born

    Today in A Clothing Store There Was An African
    American Woman Who Lost Everything in the Hurricane
    in New Orleans And is Living off the Kindness of Friends Here…

    My Wife Born in April Insisted on Buying Her Clothes at the Store
    On her Dime Which of Course is My Dime And i Surely Agreed of

    Course the Woman
    Didn’t Ask for



    This is what Love
    Does it Doesn’t ask Love Just Gives…

    i Don’t Deal with the Money i Give in a Different way…

    Anyway No Different Than Jesus i Forgive Ignorance in other folks…

    For It’s True if i was born Where You Are born And educated the same

    And You Were Born And educated like me You Might Either Forgive or Say F You…

    i Forgive



    When We
    Inhale Peace
    And Exhale Love
    in Fact Eternally Now
    Living With No Death For Real..:)

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      1. SMiles Dear Annabel
        The Strongest And
        Smartest People
        Both Listen to
        And Express
        Opposing Views
        As Tactfully As


        And Remain
        FRiEnDS like

        Road Runner

        And Wile E. Coyote

        After The Show 🙌

        Is Over

        Inhales And🏝
        Loving Exhales❤️

        In Life Communion All😊

        “No Time to Die” This Life…

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  5. I love this post so much, Anna. And I’m grateful for asking about my point of view because it doesn’t wander far away from yours. Calling this post judgemental comes from a person that takes this post personally and doesn’t understand that this is just someone’s point of view and has been published objectively not subjectively. That’s what free press is all about. And yes, the pregnancy…🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, my disgust can’t be expressed in English. Forget about women freezing egg cells, doing surrogacy, putting in themselves a machine that would make them not get pregnant if they dont want to; they have a womb to start with. What Lil Nas X did has never been seen in any Sci-Fi or paranormal movie I know so, why?😫.
    But Anna, a job well done on this post. The bravery to hit the bull on the head with this write up is praise worthy👌

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  6. At least someone is going good & natural & with the truth.
    You know these gender neutral things are going crazy as hell. Like, men working in a kitchen & women working within office is gender neutral but this!! Gosh.. People are supporting them like sandcastles.
    In 21 years of my lifetime, I’ve watched men converting into women & vice versa. Devil knows what’s more left….

    Appreciating you to bring this up.

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    1. I appreciate your support on this particular topic. And to think everyone is trying to justify these unwholesome behavior is disgusting.

      Devil really knows what’s more left….


  7. If I see such pictures on Instagram (or wherever) I have skipped them quickly. Your post led me to think about such gender and sex related topics.

    You have given a detailed view of your thoughts and invited the readers to participate in ‘the conversation’. I like your initiative.👍

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  8. I love how you’re so honest and bold about your opinions, it’s refreshing. But honestly I can’t completely agree with this post
    I have no idea how he’s pregnant and what’s in his belly (because it can’t be in a womb). Well just have to wait and see.
    As for the homophobic part, I honestly can’t agree with that. I’m Christian, I’m not homophobic and I don’t think God is teaching people to dislike other people. Jesus came with love.❤️✨
    Personally, I think his songs are great, and that’s all I concern myself with.
    I’m not a fan, I’m not a hater. I have no business judging his lifestyle.
    Anyway, I’m really glad you were so bold to voice your opinion without sugarcoating anything.💙💙

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