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Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 2

Hi Everyone,

And a special Hi to Monalisa and Hagne and Samsahana. Hey, no offense I didn’t tag you too. I will do that to three people each day. So, tomorrow may be your day. But for my lucky sweet three, Thank you for putting a smile on my face today. I wish we could get to see each day, we’ll be on an ice cream diet. Lol.

Hohoho, today was terrific. I think today decided to make up for yesterday which ended with a horrible headache. I woke up today to the news that the over head tank climbers were punished severely. Thank goodness I am a good girl. I read some topics in chemistry; Periodic Chemistry And Atomic Structure to be precise. My brain cooperated today. Hurray!!

I didn’t make it for lunch because I decided that spending hours dancing and watching movies was the best way to waste the rest of my day. I couldn’t stop listening to this Tiktok remix of “It Ain’t Me.” If you love this song, whether the remix or not, let me know so I can tag you in my next post. And then when I got too hungry, my roommate suggested we cook up something.

P.S~ Cooking in the hostel is totally illegal.

Guess what we cooked? Spaghetti!! And what did we cook this with? An Iron!! Boarding schoolers in Nigeria would understand this extremely reliable method of cooking. Trust me, the food is always tastier than home made food. I don’t lie so believe me. You don’t believe me? Check it out yourself…

Yeah, to all the doubting Thomas’, can you see that? We were making lunch. And we weren’t caught this time. You needed to see how delicious that turned out although anything would have been tasty to me at that moment. Even half- done beans or snail.

Close to evening, my roomie decided to bully me into braiding my hair. I totally regret letting her place her half fringed hands on my hair. I pledge to revenge while she is having her beauty sleep. This was her first time braiding and I was the unlucky scape goat. Do you want to take a look at my horrible hair? Then watch the video below.

That took hours and I ended up looking like Shrek’s wife. Life is really unbalanced. I didn’t hesitate to take that off my hair before my cute crush would get a glimpse of my face. Yeah, how did I look? Honest comments please. Do not deceive this innocent teenager.

Tomorrow is Monday and I already anticipate a horrible day. Please Monday be nice. You wouldn’t be cut off from the rest of the week or the calendar if you show some love on us. I really can’t figure out why I always feel like MOURNing on a MONday. Terrible day of the week.

Least I forget, I started a new wattpad account after the old one got closed up. And I will be updating rarely. If you happen to be a wattpadian, please follow me up. I promise to follow back. And do me a favor by reading my book and leaving suggestions for me. Here’s my account link; AhNahBell. Thank you.

Well, that’s it for today. I had a lot of fun and I read as well. How was yours? Hope you had a lot of fun? What music did you listen to today? You can tell me all about that in the comments. And to let you know, I braided my hair into something nicer. What’s your favorite hairstyle?

Till I write again, remember that you are not here to fit into someone’s world, you are here to make yours. Happy Sunday and dream sweet dreams.

Song Playing: It Ain’t Me.

54 thoughts on “Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 2”

  1. Oh my…🤗 You’re so sweet, Anna. Thank you milli plenty.🥰 Thank youuuuuu🤝.
    Cooking with iron…what else can beat that?😅 Boarding school life is actually the best. You made me remember the time my friends made use of my electric jug to prepare custard. Can I say the custard came out bad? It was the worst.😂 To top it off, the electric jug got spoilt. We had a good laugh after everything though.😊
    Today was fun. It went pretty well.
    And I listened to Faouzia “You don’t even know me.” Ever heard it? You should 🤗.

    Thanks for sharing how your day went.
    You’re such a sweet soul. You made me smile.💖🌹

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    1. I’m happy to make you happy 😁🤗
      Boarding school is a different world entirely😅😅… Only the fittest can survive😢🙂😅
      Everything definitely ends with a good laugh, if there’s one thing boarding school has taught me, it’s how to cooperate and fit into any circle or group.
      I haven’t listened to that song but I’ll check it out on deezer.

      Thank you for always reading and commenting on my blog 💗💖💞💞

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      1. Oh yes😂 Boarding schools slogan shoulda been “the survival of the fittest.” That term describes it the best.
        Thanks for tagging me though. Twas my first.🙈🤗💞

        Always my pleasure Anna. You’re one of my favourite bloggers.🥰💖

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  2. True Ingenuity Cooking Spaghetti
    On An Iron Upside-Down Annabel

    Hehe… Now i Understand
    Why ‘They’ Don’t Allow

    Cooking in the Hostel

    Just So it Will

    Not Burn Down…

    Never The Less
    There is the Ingenuity

    Of Cooking Spaghetti
    On An Iron Upside Down…

    Anyway… i Showed my Wife
    And She Said, “You Do What You
    Gotta Do, You Know What i Mean”…

    She did it on a Hot Plate When Young
    As They Didn’t Have a Stove and Lots of Days
    They Had No Food And Drink So the Real Wonder Woman
    At Age 8 my Wife Took it Into Her Own Hands Climbing 40 Foot Trees
    Looking Over the Neighbor’s Homes Who Had Food Picking Fruit Off The Tree….

    As Like She Said,
    “You Do What You
    Gotta Do, You Know
    What i Mean”… i May
    Have Already Told You
    The Tree Climbing Story

    Yet You Reminded me of
    What it Takes to Grow Up to
    Be WonderWoman For Real and
    Perhaps A Nigerian WonderWoman too!..

    Meanwhile Don’t Put too much on Your Plate
    Keep Enjoying Life As You Indeed Still Look Very Young…

    It’s Amazing that the 23 and me Chromosome Test Showed i Had
    Nigerian Ancestors From the 1800’s Yet of Course All Humans With
    Ancestors Originated Close to Where You Live Now Anyway Just long

    Before the

    1800’s of Course…
    i Wonder What Kind of
    Life my Nigerian Relatives
    Had i Bet it Wasn’t Very easy
    Back in the 1800’s Then For Sure..:)

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  3. I really enjoyed reading it Anna! You know how to grip a person to your writing and that’s amazing 🖤!
    It was so funn to read and to watch you guys with your master works😉! You might not like scope.. bt these are the memories that you’re gonna cherish forever! It’s greatly that you’re documenting them in your blogs ❤️
    I’m already loving this series of yours!

    You’re such a sweet soul! Lots of love!! ❤️🤗❤️🤗

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    1. I think I have the talent of writing people into my stories😅😅
      I think writing each day makes me enjoy school memories the more🙂😁

      Oh….am I writing a series?😅😅

      Thank you for reading💖🤗

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      1. Yes you definitely have it! ❤️❤️

        This putting down of the last days of school episode wise itself is becoming a series Anna 😉❤️

        Lots of love! Keep shining ✨

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  4. Thank you so much for tagging me! You’re the first to ever do that! 😉 So THANK YOU that means a looot. The ice cream diet is sooo accurate though 🤣
    The braid looks genuinely good, I can’t believe she’s trying for the first time! I’m ashamed I can’t braid my own hair at 17 and it’s compulsory for our uniform 🙈 So she’s done great. Ur crush would have been pleased 😆
    Am glad your brain cooperated with you for atomic structure 😉
    I read your story it is AMAZING! I can’t stand a cliffhanger and want to read the rest of it too. Loved everything about it from the title to the cover to whatever I’ve read in the story till now. IT’S AMAZING. I SWEAR, YOU ARE AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY DESCRIPTIVE! (I have a feeling the note is from someone who was already introduced in the story, but let’s see 😉). Again, thanks for the tag!

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    1. I can’t believe I’m the first to tag a very talented and creative blogger like you….such a shame😢😢
      They have no good taste at all😖😖

      The braids are far from beautiful but I can manage😅😅

      Thank you so much for reading my story..🙏💖
      That means a lot coz this is my third wattpad account to be closed down😫😫
      The update may not be frequent but I will try😁😁🙂
      And let’s see about the “note”… 😅😅

      Lots of hugs🤗🤗🤗💖

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  5. Wowww..! You’re a sweetheart Anna..! I always happy to read your Amazing post..! Very interesting and enjoyed reading dear..! And the video was funny and awesome..! Keep shinning..!🤗🤗

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  6. The iron cooking makes me wish I’d actually gone to boarding school.😅😅
    I remember one time I had my sister braid my hair for school. Let’s just that the schedule principal threatened to send me to the counselor for mental evaluation. Not even kidding.😅😅
    Your last days are amazing. I hope you have the best days to come.

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    1. You asked your sister to braid your hair?😅😅😅
      I could only do that if we have a Halloween party and I wanna show up as a deranged Witch🙂
      At least, she didn’t kick you out of school, you should be happy 😅😅
      If only exams wouldn’t get in the way of my last days in school, I would truly be happy 😿😿
      Anyway, this is my life!!!

      Thank you for always visiting despite I haven’t been doing that for your blog. I owe you big time🥺🤭🤗💖

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      1. Yeah, I got lucky that day. I shouldn’t have even been let into school 😅😅😅
        Deranged witch?😅😅

        It’s okay. Exams are hell, I know for sure. Besides your blog posts are fun to read.😊


  7. Hey there Anna! Nabeeha Jameel from BrainStorms here! You have been featured in my latest post, “New Blogs to check out + BrainStorm Award nominations”. Your blog has been nominated for the BrainStorms award. Congratulations! 💞

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    1. Thank you so much for nominating me. I’ll try to make a post when I am less busy with my exams. I’m literally very happy. This is my first award. Ever!🥺🥺💗💗💞💞

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    1. Wow.
      I have heard a lot about your school.
      I have a friend or a neighbor in Faith Academy too. But I believe hers is different from yours.

      I think they are trying to keep you all safe….its kinda risky to cook in the hostel.

      We know that but we are taking the risk😅😅


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