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1000 WordPress Followers 🥳🥳

I can’t believe it😱😱….1 thousand followers😩🥺🥺🥺🥳🥳🥳!!!!!!!!

When I received the notification, I screamed so much that my mom thought I won a scholarship, you should have seen the look on her face when she realized it was my blog. Today is literally the best day of life❤❤🥳🥳.

I was always anticipating this day. I had started my countdown last week and each time, I got a new follower, I would wink at myself. I had wanted this to come on my anniversary buttttt I can’t force anyone to follow my blog, if you love my blog, you should follow me and try to support me. I mean, its not easy for a teenager to manage all this alongside the stress of listening to your mother’s corrections 15 hours in a day and trying to take care of a bunch of silly siblings. I don’t even want to talk about school and those strange annoying teachers(Come on, what does taking a nap during lessons do to our performance??) The point is, Its hard to manage a blog even if all you do is sit and breath all day. So….I’m proud of myself for carefully managing this blog for one whole year. I mean, if I wasn’t good with it, why would 1 thousand people follow me? Its definitely not for me to send them money.

Today, I decided to bless you all with a story. Not just any story, the story of my life and how I got this far with life. I wrote this story as an essay I would submit for my scholarship but the version here is the unedited version. Here is the story:

Life is an obstacle course and how you fight determines how well you can succeed. My life is really a story and each day I think about how well I fought for my life, I realize how special and great I am. Looking back at my life, the memories I can remember are those made on the hospital bed. At six, my family doctor declared that I was suffering from chronic asthma and he had never encountered a serious case like mine especially at my age. At twelve, ulcer was added to the list of my health problems. To make matters worse, my parents weren’t financially buoyant enough to take care of me adequately. I remember this one time in 5th grade that my classmates in school made fun of me because i wore a torn pair of socks. I was nine and the expected response was to burst down in tears but I didn’t because right from that very young age, I felt too special to be looked down on. At sixth grade, my parents were really bothered about my education because they couldn’t afford most of the high schools in Abuja. I heard about the gifted program from a friend in school while she was boasting about it and I was deeply interested. If I got in, my parents wouldn’t have to pay for my fees at all because i would be schooling on scholarship. When I told my parents about the scholarship, they dismissed the idea immediately because of my health condition and surviving in a boarding school far away from home was really tough. I confided in my class teacher and he got me the form and I took the exams without my parents knowledge. When my classmates heard about me writing the exams as well, they believed i wouldn’t make it because I didn’t have any of the required textbooks. The day I wrote the exam, I went into the examination hall with just a pen and pencil and everyone else had other requirements with them. I didn’t feel inferior because i believed That what mattered was the results or outcome. My admission in to the only school for the gifted and talented In Nigeria left everyone In shock especially my parents. The shocking thing was that I was the only student admitted from my school. The girl with torn socks and no textbook was admitted. I would love to compare my life with the protagonist in a book titled “Americanah“, Ifemelu faced alot of challenges in life but she never gave up. My motivation to become a blogger came after I read that book and I decided to contribute positively to the world through by creativity and ideas. Life has made me a different person, a girl who isn’t afraid to take on challenges and tackle obstacles. Take for instance, I engaged in sports in school despite my health challenges and I have won several medals for myself. My doctor revealed that i am suppressing my asthma and for 3 years, i haven’t had an attack. I don’t give up when I face challenges, whenever you read my blog post, I believe you think I am writing from a comfortable home but i am not. I am working hard for myself trying my very best to excell despite all my problems. Life hasn’t been easy on me, infact, life has dealt with me but the good side of my story is that I never let life limit my dreams and excellence because I am special.

Did you enjoy my story? That’s a real life story by the way. I decided to share it today because I wanted to tell my lucky 1000 followers that life shouldn’t limit them. You should strive, never give up and try to be a really good person.

I remember when I started blogging, I didn’t start with this blog though. I made my first blog post with blogspot but I couldn’t understand the website myself so I quit and started one with WordPress. My first blog on WordPress was Ixplore(you can go check out my embarrassing posts).

This blog was live 8 months ago and something told me that I would do better with this blog and I guess I was right. I remember my first follower and how excited I was that day. I received my first like that same day too. Michealsmith was my first follower.

I can remember the day I received my first 10 likes on my post and eventually, my first 100 followers. I would smile at myself and feel so big. Sometimes, I had fantasies of being like Linda Ikeji and all those famous bloggers. I still have these fantasies though and I am definitely working towards that. For an 8 months old blog, I think I should give myself 10 for being awesome.

My best post which I am hopeful this post would beat is My Opinion On Friendship: It Sucks!. I actually wrote that post because I was betrayed by a friend and as I often say, I barely trust people. I would love to appreciate all my active followers especially those who comment often. I actually have a record of their comment’s and support. Cindy, Giusy, Silent, Katie, Lokesh(Gondwanaland), Vani, Carly, Rebellious Student And Myself Too🤗🤗. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without all of you.

Thank you so much for being with me this far. Thank you for your continuous support and care. Much Love❤

To celebrate today, I would love to officially accept the first 20 collaboration request. Just the first twenty and we’re done. If you wish to make a post or work together with me on something, kindly leave a request and it would be accepted.

If you haven’t followed me on my social media handles, you can do that today and you will be specially loved.

Instagram @annaanitasblog.
Call me as well.

I want to officially thank everyone who has contributed to the success of my blog. I really appreciate your kind comments, lovely contributions and questions. I was really scared to let anyone know about my age because I thought you all would unfollow me or ignore my blog but I guess I was wrong. Thank you for the encouragement and love. One thing is sure, I would never quit blogging because it makes me feel alive and special. What about you?

Yeah….I totally forgot about this. Someone asked why my blog is titled Anna’s Styles. Here is the reason; I love to write in my own style. My blog is about every niche out here in the blogging community. I like to combine several ideas and styles and that’s basically my own style. So that’s why my blog is Anna’s Styles~my very own style.

So that’s it for today, if you want to join the celebration, you can send in a lot of cash. I’m just kidding. But if you really want to do something special for me, please click the banner below, sign up and buy goodies so I can be paid as an affiliate marketer.

Here is a question for all of you: Would you give up blogging for 1 million Naira? I don’t know how much that is for everyone else but you can always convert it. What do you think about my bitmoji?

I am officially announcing the launching of my 7 days blogging course…hahaha…funny right? But I’m not joking about that. Its titled “30 things you can do when you are ready to get blogging. You can subscribe my clicking on the email below. Thank you.

I would love to promote my blog and improve the quality but I don’t have the money for that. If you would love to support me, please tell me about it in the comment section. Your 25$ can help my blog. Thank you.

Always remember:

Never Give Up Because Great Things Take Time. We Must Not Blog Only What Is Popular, We Must Blog About Our Passion Also No Matter How Quaint Because That Is True Empowerment. I Succeeded This Far Because I Never Gave Up, Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Dreams.


407 thoughts on “1000 WordPress Followers 🥳🥳”

  1. Wow! To think I just came across your blog yesterday and read so much already. You’re really doing great and I am happy and proud of you for staying true to what you love and believe in. Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love to collaborate with you on something soon. Would love to have that conversation and start making plans. For now, congratulations!!!!!!!

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    1. Awww🥺🥺
      I’m happy you visited my blog and I’m much more happier that you were the first to congratulate me😘😘😻😻.
      Yes, we should indeed stand for what we love and believe in and that’s exactly what I will always do.
      Email me via so we can talk about the collaboration.
      Much love❤❤😘
      Thank you for the support😚❤

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  2. CONGRATULATIONS on 1000 followers!!! 🎉🎊 👏👏 ❤ Keep up with your good work Anna. And your bitmoji is so cute!

    For some weird reason my WordPress decided to unfollow you and I wouldn’t have known about this!! I’m here to reclaim my position among the first 1000 😂

    Liked by 16 people

    1. Oh dear Sheri K, you’re so sweet😘😘❤🌹
      I would make a bitmoji for you as a special gift🤗🤗
      WordPress be messing around lately, I don’t even receive notifications for some sites anymore😩🙃🙃 but don’t worry, your position is still there😂😁…
      You know you have a special place in my ❤❤❤

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      1. I wouldn’t give up blogging for anything!!😩 Well, unless of course it is something like 1 million dollars. That would be so much money in my country!!😂😂

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      2. Like seriously😂😂
        1 million dollars and I would be forgetting all about this blog😂😂😂(its going to be painful though) but who wouldn’t let go especially when its got to do with money.
        I don’t want to tell you how much that is in Nigeria😂😂

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  3. You’ve had an interesting blogging journey to this point. Congratulations on this milestone and may your blog continue to grow and you reach your goals.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. It has indeed being an interesting journey with all of you always present to support and cheer me up🤗❤😉.
      Thank you for your wonderful comment but you can’t escape the question😂😂🤗🤗

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      1. I’m glad to be part of it😊. It’s a tough question. I enjoy blogging, it’s been a little over one year for me and I can see so much growth from blogging ranging from my improved vocabulary, vast knowledge acquired through the books I read, other blogs and interaction with bloggers, pushes me to dream and do things that I thought were out of my league such as writing and publishing books, writing poetry which I didn’t know I could until I wrote the first one plus application of the said knowledge however small but impactful. On the other hand, I’ve never monetized my blog or earned from it and considering the situation(brokeness) I am in, the million Naira is very tempting🤔 but I’ll choose to continue blogging. I know in the very near future it’ll manifest more than a million naira my way. I believe in slow, steady and sure🙂😀

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      2. I’m happy to read your answer😁.
        We are actually in a very tough situation especially in Nigeria. It’s a shame our Government Cant do anything but make political jokes and promises. I mean, how on earth would millions of naira go missing and no one knows anything about it??
        Just like you said, I believe in slow and steady too and hopefully, I would monetize my blog soon.
        Thank you for commenting❤🤗🌹

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      3. I relate to your worries, just the other week 2 billion shs were claimed lost and untraceable by the government. And we have a bill that was passed increasing the number of members of parliament by 70 and more constituency. It’s very worrying because the government spending keeps sky rocketing alongside corruption🙁.

        I’m sure you’ll/we’ll be able to monetize One day when the time is right.🙂

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      4. Nigeria is a joke and trust me, its not a funny one…
        One day, the right leaders would lead this country but for now, we’re just watching this morons rule with dishonesty.
        We will definitely monetize soon🤞🏼😌🤗

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  4. 🎈🎈1000 followers! That’s a target, I have set for The Gondwanaland. Congratulations and a big hug.🤗

    Today I would like to start the conversation with a realistic approach. You have achieved what you want. It takes a lot of effort to build an audience around your blog. Today you have, not only 1000 numbers but 1000 (live) people with you. Do take care of them and they’ll be always there to support you, to encourage you.

    Brilliant niche idea. You have good (and strong) reasons to blog. I realise, Blogging is a way of life. You can’t do it part time. You can’t just write a few words and wait to get thousands of likes and views. Our every effort drive our blog.

    I can relate with your story too.
    10/10 points.

    I like your initiative.
    Hey! Those bitmozies are really cool and attractive.

    Congratulations again. I wish all your wishes come true. Take care. Stay happy. Be strong. And keep shining. 🌟💫


    Your friend
    The Gondwanaland

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    1. THE GONDWANALAND!!!!🤗🤗🤗
      Trust me, the Gondwanaland will definitely beat that target because your blog is an inspiration to many 🤞🏼🤞🏼

      Its kind of a big deal for me to have 1000 followers, I see it as 1000 people who need to learn from me, 1000 people who are expecting a lot from my posts and 1000 people to inspire and motivate. I don’t just see them as followers but as family❤❤😘and I promise to take absolute care of them🤞🏼🌹.

      Blogging keeps me alive, its the one thing that gives me joy and makes me forget about all my troubles so I don’t want to ever give it up.
      I’m glad you like my bitmoji😘🥺

      If you ever think of collaborating with me, I will be always be ready for that🤗
      You’re a great supporter, keep up with the good work😉😁🤞🏼

      The Gondwanaland❤✨

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      1. I have to update you about my blog name. Although, I started it as an imaginary world. The name “Gondwanaland” is not new. I have read it in the geography book while starting a blog, I thought it would be a nice name. I was curious about creating fiction based on the Gondwanaland. Because there is no such a book. ( Actually, there are. A few others have already written books on it.)

        Gondwanaland was named after the gond tribal community in Central India. Because I also come from a tribal community, so I thought, it would be nice to tell stories about local India (people, language, houses, beliefs, culture and behaviour).

        But I do not know much about gond people. I failed to introduce my blog concept and it’s goals. In between, I started doing new experiments with my writing. I got some really amazing results. Today poetry is an important feature of my blog, 3 to 4 months before, I was not in poetry field. I think I should change my blog name.

        I write articles, affirmations, quotes, solutions for bloggers, stories and of course poetry.

        Few weeks I decided to take a break from blogging. I’m serious about it. I decided to do some research on basics of blogging and SEO. WordPress has some trends and behaviour which I don’t like. People do not care about writing, purpose and presentation skills. Reading same words, continuously, in hours makes me feel irritated. Study is my priority so, taking a break from blogging was necessary (bloggers should definitely stop reading blogs for 20 hours in a day😂😂).

        So, here comes a way to do some experiments with blogging and setting bigger targets. I’m checking the needs and demands of the audience.

        I wish I had some digital art skills 😃.
        Thank you for listening me. Happy blogging.😊

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      2. You created fiction based on the Gondwanaland and I think it Was amazing. I urge you to study more about them because its very important to preserve history. Your single act shows patriotism to India❤

        You are amazing with words and when I realized you were Into poetry, I also was amazed because I was a huge fan of your fiction but constantly reading your latest posts, I realized you have a lot to offer.
        I can’t advice to change your blog name because that’s a foundation for your blog. Just keep up with the good work, like I said, find out more about the Gondwana people and blog about their constitution to India. I trust you understand my point, you can combine your Gondwana original ideas with poetry and stories.
        Gondwanaland was a fiction you created and you have earned your name as a blogger because of that….don’t let go of it🤞🏼🤗🤗🙏🏼

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      1. 😊I’m not sure I could give up blogging/writing. Even for $$$$$$$. I write so I can breathe. It brings me inner peace. I write to honor God. I wouldn’t allow no one to take that away from me. Some things are simply priceless.✍📝📖💞💌 btw, I like your emoji. It’s bright, smart, joyful, and friendly…exactly how I perceived you to be through your posts.🤗😘💐😍

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      2. Here is a blogger with so much inspiration 🥺🥺
        You amaze me with your words Mimi because its really rare to receive such answers from people. I myself would give up blogging because that money would do a lot for my family 🥺 but I am really happy you wouldn’t….

        My bitmoji’s reflect my mood, I love to share joy and love to my readers❤❤.
        I didn’t know my posts could give you a definition of me but Its really encouraging to know you think of me that way🤗
        Thank you for the sweet comment❤🌹

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      3. Life has tought me that money doesn’t solve problems. It only makes you think and believe that it does. It’s a false sense of Power and being in control. It’s true that it would help me secure my daughters future and get rid of the daily issues I have to deal with. But you know, what comes from God is forever and “free” unlike human who will expect you to give something in return…like giving up something that makes you feel whole and proud. That is simply the devil doing it deeds to recruit souls. God knows all of my needs and I trust Him to make sure that I get what I need when the time comes. I am give Him full control over my daughters’destiny as well. Trust me, I come from a wealthy family, on both sides. I walked away and I am more happy now than when I was living among them and the money. I feel more pride doing what I am doing and considering myself like a bird that never worries about what it will eat, where it will sleep. Just like God take care of the birds, I believe that he will also take care of me and my daughters. Ask and you will receive. And believe me, you will never have to let go of your true self, your dreams, and what you loving doing the most “Blogging”- in exchange. 🕊🤗😘

        Liked by 2 people

      4. You have taught me alot today Mimi🤗🤗
        You write with so much wisdom and from your words, I trust you are a devoted christian❤✨
        Just like a light from above, keep shining Mimi because God has a plan for you and all of us✨❤🙏🏼

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I am an Empathe and Medium😊 that’s how I can tell who you really are. The choice of words, the tone, feelings and the emotions as well. 💯


    1. Thank you so much❤🥺🤗🤗….
      If you devote your time to your blog, you will do better than I am doing 🤞🏼🤞🏼…
      So, what’s your answer to the question😏😏❤

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Ahhh, well I just converted the naira into euro, and it’s come out to €2,000 lol. Hmmm, even if the sum was a bit higher, I’d probably continue with blogging, just to keep my options open. Although, if we add some more zeros onto the offer I suppose I’ll have to consider 😂
        Love the bitmoji as well, I didn’t really take mine seriously when I made it, so I added purple skin, yellow beards, red eyes to mine lol. Might change it to something more realistic though now haha

        Liked by 3 people

      1. You’re welcome😉 Would you give up blogging for 1 million Naira?
        -No, never! Just being a blogger is an accomplishment for itself. As a blogger you create your own world with the topics you want to talk about. You talk with readers on the same level and it makes me so happy that I can’t even think about giving up blogging 😊😉

        Liked by 3 people

      1. Sure. No, I wouldn’t give up blogging even for all the gold in the world. Mine is a blog mainly with review posts but I also like to write about other things and right now, in addition to reviews, I have created a column in which I write as I would see the unlikely and rather bizarre “sequels” of the films.

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    Before the Europeans Came Here American

    Indians Lived in Balance With God of

    Nature And Never Had Any Need

    to Own the Face of Nature God

    As A Dead Thing to Buy

    SMiLes There is A Movie

    Called ‘The Emerald Forest’

    Back in 1985 Where the nearly

    Naked Natives Were Sold into Prostitution

    Forced To Wear Clothes Adorning their Value

    For Sale A Man Helped them Escape the First

    Thing they Did in Disgust is Tear off all the Sin

    They Were Adorned As In Clothes to Sell

    And It’s True After i Prostituted

    My Soul For 33 Years of
    Work for Pay as

    Slave to the

    God of

    Money As Soon

    As i Retired i Stripped

    Off All the Evil Green Print

    Paper Bill Clothes and Emptied my

    Pockets into My Wife’s Purse As it was

    Ony for Her in the First Place For the one

    Who took Care of me to always Have enough when i am gone…

    Smiles Dear FRiEnD my Wife is Beautiful and Looks Perfect in Most

    Folk’s Eyes still Now as she did when she was 19 Now at 51 Yet

    She Struggles With Epilepsy as i did With Autism too when Young

    And Yes Bi-Polar too as i have Seen Hell Most Folks Can’t imagine

    Exists and Heaven too yet i accommodate that Struggle with

    Only Art of Poetry And Moving Meditation in Flow of
    Dance to Regulate Emotions and Integrate Senses

    That Accommodate the Struggles of Autism too

    As i No Longer Have Problems Social

    Communicating And Will Publicly

    Present my Self in both

    Oral And Dance


    Solo Anywhere

    With Anyone on this Earth

    Never With Fear or Any
    General Anxieties now

    Smiles Before i could Hardly

    Present myself in Oral Presentation

    i did manage to Stay at the top of my

    Class And Graduate With a Triple Major

    of Three Degrees Yet i was raised Very

    Poor my Wife Even Poorer than me with

    No Electricity, Food, or Drink The So-called

    Christian Kids Spit on her for having to get

    Free Lunches and threatened to Beat Her

    Up So Ashamed She Was She Stopped

    Eating Lunch in School on the Other

    Hand the So-Called Christian

    Boys Spit on me Just

    For Being Happy

    To Be alive

    Smiling for No other
    Reason in School and

    At the City Park too And Yes

    Emotions Were Forbidden for

    Males in the Early 1970’s Raised

    In Middle School Then Yes From

    1973 When i Was 13 And i played

    The Song “Jesus Christ Superstar’

    on the Piano in a Talent Show so

    Spirit Filled i was i could

    Hardly walk


    As People Always

    Made Fun of the way

    i Moved and talked too…

    They All Erupted In Laughter

    At Me Like i Was Doing Comedy

    Instead of Respecting Spirit So Deep in Verb…

    SMiles my Dear the Meek Do Inherit the Earth…

    Don’t Let this World Take Your Real Treasure Within Away…

    i Wandered the Desert of Toxic Patriarchy for 40 Years Until

    i Recovered Out of that Cocoon of Hell for 66 Months When i reached

    53 i finally found a Union of Both Sides of my Body/Spirit/HeART/Soul/Mind

    Before i retired last kid Picked in Sports i went from Bowling Center Manager

    For the Military Installation in Federal Employment to Community Activities

    Director to Athletic Director From the Last Kid Picked on Sports Teams

    in School Yet None of What i was Valued For Had anything

    to Do with those Jobs my Ability to Resolve

    Information Technology and

    Financial Managing


    For the


    i was in True that’s

    How i Sold my Soul For Money

    When i was A Caterpillar before

    i Went to the Dark Cocoon of

    Hell Where i Couldn’t Remember

    if i even Smiled Before in my Life

    As Emotions are Memories And Memories

    Are Emotions and when they are Gone there

    is Zero Reference point out of Hell in Hell All there

    is is Illusion of Time in Heaven There is Eternally Now Bliss Out of Time…

    Indeed that We Generate Within This Kingdom of Heaven Now Real

    Since the Age of 53 i’ve Written the Longest Long Form Poem

    Free Verse Poem Ever my Entire Blog Copied and

    Pasted to Several Other Blogs i Administrate

    too As Most All of it Yes all 9.3 MiLLioN

    Words Now Are a Collection of Poetic

    Letters in Free Verse Written

    in Flow to Innumerable

    Folks All Around

    the Globe

    Yes 100,000 Words

    Now on Average Every

    Month for 93 Months Now

    With that 14,896 Miles of Free Flowing

    Meditative Dance That i literally Have

    A Prescription For From my Doctor

    to Mitigate Challenges in Regulating

    Emotions and Integrating Senses

    As that Relates to Both Autism

    And Bi-Polar too Yet You See this

    Meditation of Writing Also Does the Same

    i stay in Flow And go Go Go Go in Effortless

    Ease hehe therefore A Comment Now on Your

    Blog 2465 Words Long So Far More than Typical

    Bloggers Write in A Whole Year And Yes “GodsUniverseNovel3”

    Linked Below More than Most Folks Write in Perhaps a Lifetime too…

    My EPiC Longest Long Form Poem that i Casually Refer to as A Personal

    Bible i Write as really that’s what most Blogs are Personal Bibles Folks Write

    Dancing Singing A Song Unique As God EYes of Soul Now Authentic And True…

    Yet There is always Room For More As One Subchapter “Nether Land Bible”

    is Soon to Arise to 7 MiLLioN Words in the Last 5 Years Now and writing

    This Today i Am Writing my Next Blog Post titled “FB Profile Pic Bible
    Volume 2021 4 YearS Old” As True That Effort Now in 4 Years is

    5.3 MLLioN Words Long and Included in my Facebook Profile

    Pic Description Areas on Average of 8,000 Words Each As

    Yes There are Over 100,000 Photos i took in my Whole

    “SonG oF mY SoUL” Fully Illustrated Longest Long

    Form Poem Ever EPiC And yes Over 10,000 You

    Tube Songs to Accompany it in Theme Music too

    In Just the last Year on Facebook i’ve

    Used About 2100 Profile Pics

    to Illustrate it on Facebook

    Some Repeat Each 8,000

    Word Mini-Chapter Where there

    Are Actually About 16.8 MiLLion Words

    Copied And Pasted Just this Past 12 Months…

    And Again That Doesn’t Include all the Other places

    And i Started “Nether Land Bible” Subchapter 5 Years

    Ago After i Wrote “GodsUniverseNovel3” As Yes Every

    Word Counted by the Word Press Automated Counter

    Arising to 7 MiLLioN Words by My 61st Birthday Month…

    You Know there is John 14:12 That Says those who Truly

    Believe in the Teachings of Jesus Will Do Greater Works than

    Him There is Luke 17:21 That Speaks the Kingdom of Heaven

    Will Only Be Found Within Now Yes i find Those Verse Numbers

    Evidently True for me Now And True At Your Age if You Always

    Put People First As You Do Now Evidently in Responses Back

    to them in Comments And to All others You Meet and Greet in

    Life Without Expectation of anything They May Do For You

    Indeed my FRiEnD

    You Do Greater

    Works than

    me As You
    May Not have

    to WalK iN A Desert

    Without Soul for 40

    Years the way i did without

    Almost a Drop of God’s Creativity

    Within to Drink to Serve Give Share

    And Care Freely With All Others Most Now as Least…

    i haven’t Made a Penny since i retired And as Far As i am

    Concerned All the Money in the World And Nothing are the Same Value

    Yet Love is Beyond Infinity Love is Beyond Measure When Butterfly Wings Fly As Love Free

    i don’t See NoW Anything i Will Do in Intelligence or Creativity that will Overwhelm You

    As You



    It Seems

    Secure in

    Who You are

    How rare that is

    Dear and A Source

    For Truly Stellar Human

    Potential Yet Still to Come

    Yep As Nike Says Without

    Selling Shoes God Yes Just DO IT
    And Now For 31 More Words to Reach
    3,000 Words in this Comment At Best

    God Yes Just



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    1. To be honest, it took me 10 minutes to read this but its worth the time🤗🥺❤
      Dear friend, you’re really lucky and privileged to be alive. God has a unique purpose for you and I know that’s why he kept you alive from all your disorders and pain❤
      I felt so much pain in my heart when I read about your wife🥺

      You have truly given up everything to God and he will take absolute control of your life🙏🏼✨

      I skimmed through the post via the link but I will definitely go back to it later. I love the way you let go of your past and deviced new means to succeed.

      Thank you for teaching and sharing your story. God bless you❤🌹🤗🙏🏼

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In Memory of As Dedicated to As ‘They’ Say too Annabel

        SiGNaTuRE A Son Comes First As There is

        Also ‘Ryan’ Too That Years Later i

        Found in Old Irish

        Means ‘Little King’

        Ryan is the Little Boy in the Picture

        Taken on Father’s Day of 1997 The Little

        Boy Ryan Born With Multiple Congenital Anomalies

        Lived 51 Days From June 4th, 1997 Thru July 24th, 1997

        He Made it Through Open Heart Surgery to Correct Transposition

        of the Major Arteries Yet Born Without Openings in the Nasal Cavities

        to Breathe So Many Other Issues Born With Almost No Immune System

        At All And Yes Never Experiencing A Smile in His Life True Breath of Love

        Only Pain

        All 51 Days

        You know

        My FRiEnD

        Before Ryan i kinda

        Thought i Had it Tough

        In Life And True i had No

        Idea How Much Struggle in

        Real HeLL ON Earth Was Still Yet

        to come 10 Years After This Day then…

        Yet’s It’s Also True i Dedicated my Life

        To Ryan That i would Always Smile For

        Him And Give Sharing Caring Freely LoVE iN

        SMILes To Everyone Else i Meet And Greet in

        Life Sadly Stress From Work took My Soul And SMiLes

        Away to Coming HeLL ON Earth WitH All those Disorders i Endured

        in the Suicide Disease too it’s True i had a Chain in a Bicycle Basket

        Not Because i Didn’t Have the Best Life in the World With my Wife’s Love

        Just that Somethings

        In Life Are so

        Much Worse

        Than Death

        Just Beyond

        Measure in HeLL ON EartH

        As LoVE iN LiGHT Heaven Now is True…

        i Had A Road In my Mind Far Away from

        Home A Tree Far Enough in the Forest

        Where Vultures Feeding on me Would

        Give my Life Some Purpose and Meaning

        No Longer A Burden to Those Who Tried to

        Give me Life in HeLL ON EartH That Next

        Morning my Wife Awoke From A Dream

        Where She And Her Diseased Granny

        Were Hanging Christmas

        Ornaments on A Tree

        That Spring

        Where She Had

        Never Named the Road

        Before i Planned in my Ideation of

        Suicide then And then i Understood

        That although i had Lost All Hope in

        My Life My Wife Was Gifted by God

        In Her Dream With A Clear Message of Stay

        Do Stay Fred There is a bit More in Life That You Will Still Do to Fully Come Alive

        That i did on July 19th, 2013 Precisely 94 Months Ago Since Today 5.19.2021

        A Spirit Within Drove me to the Beach i Stood Upon Sugar White Sands Sea

        Oats Gently Dancing in the Wind Emerald Green Waves Sea Gull





        Then and Now

        Still Wings




        As All


        Shine of God Within
        Union of All That Is

        LoVE iNDeeD my FRiEnD

        NoW Reborn it is No Myth

        It is Real And True Too For
        All Who Dance And Sing Free iN LiGHT..

        Yeah There Are A Few Other Challenges

        Like the First 40 Days of the Most Intense Pain

        Not Able to Sleep Yet only 1 Hour of CardBoard

        Shallow Sleep for the First 35 days of 40 None

        In the Last 5 of 40 in the Winter to Spring Months

        of 2008 too weak to get to a Shower Yet Mustering

        the Strength to Find Some Car Keys in Last Grasp

        Effort to Run into a Tree to end it all Always Following

        The Rules i couldn’t drive past 55 finding a Bridge to

        Jump off of too weak to get Out somehow my

        Sister Finding me in Her Car at the Bottom

        of the Bridge Taking me with her

        Still Wanting

        To Jump

        Off the


        End of the River
        Walk Just to get Rid of that
        Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and

        Ear Many Folks Shoot themselves

        i thought if anyone really loved me

        They’d give me a gun my Sister

        Took me speeding on a Country

        Road Relating She Would Kill Us Both

        Then Saying She Couldn’t Bear to Live

        Without a Brother As She Was on the Autism

        Spectrum too often Bullied And Left Alone i said

        No And Finally Agreed to go to the Hospital as

        i was terrified of Doctors for Decades then as i Knew

        i was different Yet didn’t understand and was afraid of

        What i might find as i wasn’t Diagnosed on the Autism

        Spectrum or with Bi-Polar until after that.. the Hospital

        Shot Me Up with 4 Milligrams of Ativan And i Finally Went to Sleep…

        It was a long

        66 Month

        Dry Spell
        In Hell Indeed

        After Going to Hell

        i Will Surely Not Wish

        The Devil to Even Have to Go mY FRiEnD

        for it seems to me i got to play that role too…

        The Worst Place is when You Have to Leave

        The ones You Love And You Are the Only One

        Who Decides

        to stay or go…


        to be

        Here my FRiEnD..

        i Always do My

        Best to Help Folks Stay With SMiles
        For It is True There is Living Death And HeLL ON EartH too..:)

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      2. Your story made me cry so much😭😭😭😭

        Often times, we are consumed by our little pain that we do not think of what everyone else might be burdened with😭😭.
        I hope God grants all your desires 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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      3. SMiles Yes FRiEnD
        Annabel The

        Other True



        To Warm Your

        Tears Before

        A Monsoon


        It’s Good

        To Cry This

        Is What Makes

        Us Human So

        Much Deeper



        Like SMiLes

        We Share Truly

        God We BREaTHE

        Love God Bless

        You And

        All You Love 🙏😇

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  6. Ohhh man !!! Its not that long since we got connected here but does this post gives me *proud mother’s vibe* 😉😉😉
    I mean your story is just so inspiring, I want to kick my lazy ass…..
    I hope all your dreams come true ❤❤❤ Congratulations girl 👧

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Thank you for being of me *mother😂😂*
      I already feel deeply connected to you despite we recently found each other❤❤
      So I am making a proposal, we should collaborate on something 🤞🏼🌹😏
      Thank you for supporting me babe❤🌹

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha 😉😉😉 Always 🥰🥰
        Sure we should collaborate on something, I would be more than happy 😊 🙂
        I will surely inform you on right time, is it okay ???

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      1. Yeah, I am sorry, about your story, don’t worry ups and downs are in life we have to overcome it. Hard work never fails. You’re very proud to your parents. Keep blogging. Keep smiling 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you for your encouraging words❤🤗….they mean lot🌹

        The question I asked in my blog post is “would you give up blogging for 1 million naira?”
        Ready to read your answer😁😁


  7. Anna you gave us a nice gift, telling us your story in more detail!
    you are a strong and determined girl; the difficulties will never beat you if you keep grit and determination. You are on your way, my dear and from here, I cheer for you every day! a hug with all my heart and best wishes for your goal!!

    Liked by 6 people

    1. Awwww🥺🥺🥺
      Thank you so much❤✨😘…I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you 🥺😘🤗..
      You’re always here to guide me and teach me the essentials things I need to know😘😘
      Much love❤✨

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  8. Many many congratulations!!! Jzt came across your blog today and I’m enjoying it! Lots and lots of love! So happy for you!! Being a teenager balancing all activities and works and teachers 😛 it’s freaking 1000 today in your blogging family!!! Keep rising keep shining more dear!! Kudos to you!!
    And yup tadaaaa! You’ve got a new subscriber 😉

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Thank you so much new friend❤🤗😘…
      If you would love to collaborate with me on a post, fee free to let me know about that😏🤗
      I hope we share good memories together 🥺

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s lovely! Would definitely love to do so.. ❤️
        Creations get more wings when they’re shared and made together ❤️
        Definitely will share good memories too! Lots of love!
        You can even communicate me through e-mail if I ever can be of any help regarding creations ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much❤🤗
      My key advice to you is to ensure your contents are educating and lively. Don’t worry about how many posts you make each day or week but the detail of each post. Thank you for visiting my blog. Good luck with blogging❤🤗


      1. Definitely! I would never give up blogging. I didn’t even bother to convert it because our ideas and our voice is priceless and no amount of money can take that away from me. My voice is mine and only mine and I want to share it with everyone in the blogosphere.

        Also, I read that you’re taking collaboration requests, would you like to do a Collab with me?

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      2. Thank you so much! 😄
        That would be lovely! Sure, I’ll email you!

        Congratulations once again and your life story is very very inspiring! 😄

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  9. Omg wow! Congratulations! I’m a new follower to your blog and I’m already loving all of your content!

    Answer to your question:
    No I wouldn’t give up blogging for money because blogging allows me to share my views and opinions and lets me be myself and I wouldn’t trade that for money.

    Would you like to do a Collab with me?

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  10. Woohoo dude!!!! Congrulations!!!!!! 😃😃😃 here’s to many more followers sure to come 🤩🤩! wish you loads of success in life dude!!! I’ll always be here to support you and your blog 😉

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Congratulations mam ❤️ . It’s definately your hard work and patience which bring you to success . Mam I would like to collaborate with you and want to learn from you. I am new at blogging and want to connect with people. Mam if it possible please help me out for this. Thanks mam.
    And ice again Congratulations mam.

    Liked by 8 people

    1. First, I would love to welcome you to WordPress🤗❤
      Second, my advice to you is to ensure your contents are deep and understandable😁
      Third, yes, I will collaborate with you on a post so we can get you settled around here🥰
      Last, please you can call me Anna🙏🏼…I’m not a mam😀
      Thank you❤🤗

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      1. Well, It depends. At the end of the day, you may have a million naira but, not the compassion, love & empathy of those fellow bloggers.
        But again, the decision should be wise because if 1 million are gone then they’re gone.
        The tangled human nature!!

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      2. I guess its a tough one, right?😂😂
        1 million would be too much to lose and interacting with other bloggers is beautiful. Its a complicated decision but I think you have given a good answer.
        Thank you💖🤗

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Its a funny thing though😂😂
        I was really hoping to monetize my blog this year by saving up some money but I haven’t succeeded😪🙃
        And each time I think about my blog, I can only imagine if I could be offered some money in a miraculous way to pay for a personal plan on WordPress 🙏🏼🙏🏼
        While constantly think about it, I began to question myself…what if I was given a million naira for my blog, would I give it up?
        So I decided to ask everyone😂😂
        Its funny how 25$ made me over think things😂😂😂


    1. Oh come on Sahu, you can🤗💖💖
      All you need to do is dedicate time to create good posts….the followers would come, trust me😏💖🤗😘


  12. Awww… This is absolutely amazing! Congratulations, Anna. And yes, you should be very proud of yourself. ♥️✨

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  13. Congratulations 🎉👏👏
    I suspect it must be the incredible you have till here, full of ups and downs. But you maintain the consistency and never let your spirit down, and that’s the main thing you have, that is the thing you should be proud of.
    Only you know how much efforts you put to get this position.
    I respect the hardwork and time you’ve given to keep up your blogging journey.

    And I see the comment section full of ambitious people praising your work, this is what you gained.
    Happy for you.
    I hope best for your journey ahead. Have a great day and enjoy your achievements.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I believe that challenges are there to develop us…I see obstacles as an opportunity to become someone better and greater and I believe that has kept me going😌
      Thank you for all the encouragement and nice comments❤🤗

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  14. I am amazed at your success! Well done and congratulations, thats incredible. This post is lovely and you have shown appreciation to many bloggers. I have really enjoyed reading your life story and you are truly inspiring with all that you have been through. Keep up the good work and you have gained me as a follower. I wish you all the success and achievements for your journey ahead. If you would like to collaborate with me?

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  15. Congratulations girl… I wish you so many more milestones❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    You will for sure beat everything obstacles that comes your way
    Lots of love❤❤❤❤❤😘

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  16. Wow that’s a huge milestone in blogging! This just aimed me to work even harder on my blog and can’t wait for you to get to 1500 and then 2000 followers on your blog !

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  18. Yo! Hey how you doing?
    So i was thinking about that collab 😬….if you wanna do one, and I understand if you’re busy or something, my brain is just super out of ideas as to what to post 😛

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  19. I’m so inspired by your story. Especially where you mentioned that you don’t rest when circumstances become harder. When the going gets tough, you get tougher. I love that spirit! You’re very mature for a teenager. I’m a teen myself and your story is something I can connect with. I wish you the best!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Wow😘😱😱
      I would like to do this tag but I have a lot of school work so I have to suspend this till later. Thank you for tagging me✋❤


  20. That’s really great! It’s time to celebrate, congratulations.
    Glad to be part of your celebrations.

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  22. Hello anna, i have just started writing just completed only 2 blogs and only am the one whos liking my own post🙁, please read my blogs and do like and suggest me how can i improve myself. Thank you

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  23. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Congrats on the 1000 followers. What’s your secret? jk. Wish you much more.
    Impressive essay. Determination, passion, and faith will take one anywhere. Thanks for demonstrating the three and inspiring others.

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  24. Hey! Wow I love your blog….it is such a encouragement for me to stay motivated..I hope that you keep blogging and know that the best is yet to come for you. So proud of you

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I believe that you will…keep moving forward. I know that when I write I draw from experiences now and in the past but they have grown as I’ve matured. I believe you will too. You got a calling to do.

        Liked by 1 person

  25. I’ve also read Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie and that’s where I first heard about wordpress and that was since primary school. I got my motivation from there. I also dream of becoming a popular blogger and influencer. I also would never ever give up blogging for a million naira. It’d finish fast

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  26. Hi friends , I am happy to have my followers family to 1313 in last 1.5 yrs. Thank you all friends for having faith in my blogs. Now got experience & i will be writing 1000-2000 words content on motivation, health, sports & technical with better SEO & keywords. Keep suppoting in future also.

    Your suggestions are most welcome. Thanks from my little heart.

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