My Opinion On Football: I Hate Football!!

Football is undeniably the most loved sport in the entire planet but there are a few individuals who really can’t seem to love this sport, do you think they are weird? Well, I’m one out of the few that really dislikes football and I can definitely tell you why…..

Its Exhausting. Run around 90 minutes like its the apocalypse only to kick a ball into a net. Wait a second! Am I really the only sane person pissed off here?

I Love My Body. Its a game and you hit me like I stole a fortune from you? Hey Wait? Do I suddenly look like the ball? I need an answer to that. Football is extremely dangerous and as much as I’m concerned, getting crippled because of a lame game isn’t my vision in life.

Its Toxic. You play so well for quite a long time and one single day you couldn’t be a super hero, the whole world is throwing tomatoes at you? Give me a break!!! You’re allowed to be upset!

Its Boring. You pay for tickets just to watch 22 men or women run around, trying to grab a ball that doesn’t give them any super powers. Jeez! I rather pay for tickets to watch a movie about the history of Nigeria.

Its Over exaggerated. He kicked the ball (kah-boom!!), he dived in (kah-sham!!), its a goal (wah-wooh!!)..
Everyone’s talking about football, exaggerating the lame sport but all I can see is a bunch of people who should get jobs and be better people.

Its Violent. What am I gonna tell mama when I’m rolled in back home with a broken nose and rib? Footballers are incredibly violent. Those avatars can do anything to get that ball into the net and what happens if you die, its a red card for the murderer….I’m out of here!!!

I’m aware that everyone might have a different opinion about football but in my opinion, I really dislike football and I’m recruiting anyone interested in disliking football. Its a free world, live it! Love it!


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    1. I understand your point of view but what you may call fun may not be fun for everyone. Take for instance, I think reading is fun but trust me, 90% of the entire world would think I’m wrong. Everyone’s got their individual perspective and I respect that…..

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  1. I’m not a good player anna, not even a player but I love football. I don’t watch videos on it.

    But it is good for warm-up and exercise. Don’t play it wildly. Just play for fun in the evening for 30 min or 1 hour and you’ll feel a new energy in your body. Especially you’ll sleep peacefully in the night.

    I love movies too and I’m very lazy.

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    1. I’m not good with outdoor activities most times. Can I tell you a secret?
      I made this post because I was forced to play football in school for a competition we didn’t eventually win. Guess what?
      I lost my toe nails in the process and I didn’t even win a plastic medal….such a Shame😂😂
      I usually play indoor games like board games, bring it on with scrabble and I would be there to beat you to stupor😂😂😂

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      1. I never participated in games and sports. Now I regret it.

        I am thinking of restarting it.

        I love chess, though.

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      2. You are funny😂😂
        I lost my toes and you are thinking of starting sports again?
        You don’t learn lessons easily😂😂
        I love chess too but it has its own mind and I’m yet to understand it😓

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    1. Football has gained its popularity and I’m certain about that but as much as it brings people together and promotes unity, some individuals might not be interested in it and I’m one of them.


  2. Haha, agree with many of the points outlined here. Would you sympathise, though, with the fact that it can bring people from many different cultures, lifestyles, and countries together, with just a simple ball? 🙂
    I’m definitely not a football fanatic, and find it pretty boring to watch as well, but it’s definitely one of those magical things in the world that can bring people from all sorts together. The Christmas football game between the English and Germans during WW1, for example, immediately comes to mind 🙂

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      1. Soccer is not so dangerous. I think you would enjoy it. I happen to love women’s soccer and lacrosse. And if you haven’t tried field hockey, you might enjoy running around after a ball and pretending to hit it.

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  3. Sorry you don’t care for football (soccer). I didn’t get the why in the post, except in the comments of breaking your toes and losing the game. Did you wear the right shoes? jw
    I played soccer as a teenager and loved it. I love to watch the professional artistical maneuvering of the foot/feet on the ball. It’s fascinating.
    Try watching a few professional soccer games and I hope you come to love it.

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    1. I left some valid reasons in the post and I think a lot of reasons. I wore the right shoes and I was properly dressed for soccer.
      Football isn’t just my stuff and I’m not trying to convince you to hate football. Like I said, its my perspective or opinion. Thanks for sharing yours by the way. I will try to watch soccer if i have the time to.
      Happy Sunday❤

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  4. football just not a game it’s all about skill, stamina,team work and management, control, fitness practice,patience etc. football is the only game who gives everything you’ll need in daily life and that’s the reason football the one of the most famous sports in the world.

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      1. Miss Anitaannabel
        I love football infact football makes me stronger to fight with mentally and physically problem. It gives me peace and satisfaction.

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    1. I appreciate that but surely, everyone is entitled to their personal opinion.
      In some ways or the other, I do not like football but I am not striking out the pros of football.
      I simply dislike it


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